How do I get rid of the bats?
The only way to remove bats without harming them is through the method of exclusion. Dick uses mostly one way doors or valves.

When is the best time to have bats removed?
Any time the bats are willing to leave and relocate. There are times I will not try to do any exclusion work unless absolutely necessary. There may be other pest control companies that will do exclusion work all year around, but I will not. This is why. I start my exclusion work around the first of May.  I only do the work when there are consistent 40 degree nights as this insures that the bats are active and all sealing materials used will cure properly. Therefore the exclusion work is generally done during the months of May, August, and September. June and July are the months when bats in our area have their young.

What if I think the bats have come back?
Give me a call and I will come back over to see what the problem might be.

I give a three year warranty on all bat work on residential units. There could be a charge if the bats are reentering through a new hole caused by remodeling or storm damage.

Am I the only one with bats in my building?
No. A large percentage of buildings and houses have bats. Your neighbors probably have bats too, they just don’t realize it yet. Once you do have bats, unless the holes are repaired where the first bat entered the structure, you will always have them. The problem will just continue to get more severe with each year.

Is the whole neighborhood going to realize that I have bats?
Only if you tell them. I drive in an unmarked vehicle. Most people just think I am painting and caulking on your house.

Will the bat exclusion process alter the appearance of my house?
No. When the exclusion work is being done, on average about a two week period, you might see an excluder device on the outside of the building. Unlike some of my competitors, I leave nothing attached to your house when the process is completely over. The only difference that will be made to your house is that the cracks and holes will be filled and the bats will be gone.